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The North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) is committed to helping you promote your tourism business and the North Wessex Downs to a wider audience within the UK and beyond.

By attracting more visitors to this internationally recognised landscape we will help boost the rural economy and promote responsible tourism.

The toolkit we have developed provides businesses in and around the North Wessex Downs with direct access to our logo, high quality images, maps, text and web links that you can use on a promotional website or printed leaflet/ brochure. All the content is very easy to download and free for a limited time, for all members of the North Wessex Downs Tourism Network. Other businesses, organisations and individuals not in the network can contact the North Wessex Downs to ask permission to use the Toolkit.

The North Wessex Downs Film

This short film lets the beautiful landscape of the North Wessex Downs AONB speak for itself - link to our website homepage or load it directly to yours.

See the film here

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Website Links & Icons

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Linking to other relevant websites is a good way to promote the area to visitors by giving them multiple reasons to come, plus information on how to get there. Within the sections you will find some useful web links related to the content. These addresses can be added as links to your website or included on your printed material.

You can also link to our Facebook, Twitter and events pages:

Copy and text for your website or leaflet

Copy and Text

Selecting the text from the page to paste into your Microsoft Word or website template is very easy.

Option 1

You can copy and paste direct from the PDF. Simply highlight the text you want with your mouse, right click the mouse, click ‘copy’ from the menu that appears and then paste into your document. If you just paste the text into Word it will contain the formatting from the original document. To match your existing copy formatting simply select ‘Paste Special’ from menu bar and ‘Unformatted Text’. You may also need to add or delete carriage returns to suit your layout.

Option 2

You can download the text for each section as a Microsoft Word document below:



Many people who visit the area are not aware that they are in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or how extensive the area is. Providing a map with points of interest is a very simple way to encourage visitors to stay longer and visit more attractions. The more business web sites and brochures that promote the area, the more business there will be for everybody. We are offering a choice of maps for you to use.

To download the full size versions, right click on JPEG or PDF and select 'Save Link As'.

Map 1 Map 2 Map 3


Logos and Images


The Logo is provided here in JPEG format, which is the most common to use. Other versions are available on request (PDF, PNG EPS, TIFF).

Visitor Charter

Visitor Charter

The visitor charter is a one page document which you can pop in your bedroom browser to remind visitors to think of the environment during their visit.

Visitor Charter

Tourism Business Toolkit

Visitor Toolkit

There are two versions of the toolkit - one aimed primarily at Visitors to the area, and the other specifically for businesses.

Visitor Toolkit

Business Toolkit