Challenge yourself to visit all of the White Horse hill figures!

The Uffington White Horse is the oldest and most well-known hill figure in the AONB but is only one of eight in the North Wessex Downs.  Each figure holds a very special place in the heart of their nearby communities and the white horses in Wiltshire are linked by a long distance walking route – the White Horse Trail – which will also take you to the Westbury white horse, outside the AONB boundary.

Pewsey: The white horse was cut by volunteers from Pewsey Fire Brigade in 1937 to commemorate the Coronation of George VI.  This current horse replaces a lost 18th century one.

Marlborough: lies in the grounds of Marlborough College and is the smallest horse in Wiltshire. Cut in 1804 by a group of school boys, the horse was designed by pupil, William Canning.

Hackpen: the Hackpen horse was cut to commemorate the coronation of Queen Victoria in 1838. Although little is known about the origins of the horse it is believed to have been cut by Henry Eatwell, parish clerk of Broad Hinton and also the local publican.  It is best viewed from the A361 between Avebury and Swindon at Broad Hinton.

Broad Town:  this chalk figure is situated on the hill to the east of the village of Broad Town and was completed in 1863 by a local farmer William Simmonds.

Cherhill: the second oldest of the horse figures in Wiltshire and owned by the National Trust. Cut in 1780, it was possibly inspired by Wiltshire’s oldest white horse at Westbury and is maintained by a group of volunteers who weed and re-chalk the figure every couple of years.  It can be viewed from the A4 but can also be reached via various footpaths and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Alton Barnes:  located between Milk Hill & Walkers Hill on the Pewsey Downs, the Alton Barnes horse was cut by the request of Robert Pile in 1812.

Devizes: the newest of the white horses, Devizes was cut in 1999 to mark the Millennium. It’s located on Roundway Hill to the north of Devizes.


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Image Credit: Cherhill White Horse - David Hall