The North Wessex Downs AONB spans four counties and is lucky to include all four county tops!

Berkshire: Walbury Hill (297m)
The highest point in southern England and the site of a renowned cycling hill climb competition.  The Wayfarers Walk crosses the hill at 290m but the trig point itself is on private land.

Wiltshire: Milk Hill (294m)
The hill plateau can be accessed from the White Horse Trail and as part of a circular walk which includes Adam’s Grave and the Alton Barnes White Horse.  No trig point though!

Hampshire: Pilot Hill (286m)
This top also lies close to the Wayfarers Walk at 280m (about three kilometres east of Walbury Hill) with a trig point on private land.

Oxfordshire: White Horse Hill (261m)
This trig point is easily accessed (see image) and lies close to Uffington White Horse – hence the name!

Further Information

See the locations on our interactive map.

Image: White Horse Hill trig point Credit: Ann Shepley