Planning Protocol

The AONB has a protocol with each of our Local Planning Authority (LPA) partners which guides how and when they consult with us.  In general, they consult us on the preparation of local plans and on different types of applications (primarily major applications and any which the LPA consider having an adverse impact). We are currently reviewing this protocol. We give priority to providing advice on planning policy as this establishes the framework by which future planning applications will be considered.

A Local Planning Authority is legally entitled to come to its own judgement on harm to the AONB and to apply its own planning judgement when weighing up different material considerations.

The Council of Partners’ involvement in planning is delegated to the AONB team. The team’s professional planning officer assesses development proposals, taking into account the effects on natural beauty, the AONB’s qualities and distinctive characteristics, and the adopted policies/objectives set out in the Management Plan.

We also advise Parish Councils on the preparation of Neighbourhood Plans.

Recommendations within the Glover review propose that AONBs are made statutory consultees – in which case they would be consulted on all planning applications within their respective areas.


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