Council of Partners

Council of Partners Meeting 2016
Council of Partners Meeting 2016

In the North Wessex Downs AONB the Council of Partners is responsible for managing the area.

A Windmill

The Council of Partners have the task of increasing public understanding and enjoyment of the AONB, and fostering the social and economic well-being of its local communities.

The Countryside and Rights of Way Act, 2000 (the "CRoW" Act) added further regulation and protection, ensuring the future of AONBs as important national resources.

The North Wessex Downs AONB is the largest in south east England and the third largest AONB nationally – out of the 37 AONBs in England. It was designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1972.

To find out more about AONBs across England and Wales, please visit the National Association for AONBs website at or the Natural England website at

The Council of Partners meets three times a year, usually visiting village and town halls around the North Wessex Downs. It adopted a Corporate Strategy that provides a framework for the development and activities of the North Wessex Downs AONB Partnership in its widest sense – in summary, what it is for and how it will achieve its aims. The Corporate Strategy can be found here.

The Council of Partners consists of 35 members in total.  The nine local authorities whose areas make up the North Wessex Downs are represented by elected councillors and officers.  The National Farmers’ Union and the Country Land and Business Association are members, while 12 places are open to nominees from the community representing five Interest Groups: community and parish; farming and rural business; historic environment; recreation and tourism and nature conservation.  Natural England represents central government

We have vacancies for members of the community with knowledge and passion in the following two areas, nature conservation, and the historic environment. If you are interested please contact Susan Clarke email  for more information.

Dates of meetings 2021

Tuesday 9th March 2021
Tuesday 6th July 2021
Tuesday 9th November 2021

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