North Wessex Downs AONB, Units 3-4, Denford Manor, Lower Denford, Hungerford, RG17 0UN
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You can download PDF versions of the Tourism Business Toolkit here;

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Other Materials Available to Partners


"An Introduction to the North Wessex Downs" Youtube video


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Visitor Charter

Printed materials and information


To acquire an image simply click on the picture in the PDF or follow the link below. This will then take you to our photostream where the image is located for download. Each page contains multiple high resolution images for the same section e.g. ‘Landscape and Nature’. Click on the image(s) you require and follow the instructions for downloading files.

 Click here for our North Wessex Downs photostream

Notes for editors;

The option we have chosen for sharing our images through Flickr is ‘Attribution – No derivatives’. Essentially this means that others can copy, distribute, and display copyrighted work if they include a credit. However, permission is required to create derivative works based upon these materials. We have included the name of the photographer where possible, otherwise simply credit ‘North Wessex Downs’. Our preference is to include with each image (Title or location © Photographers name).

As this is intended to apply to organisations or businesses with whom we work in partnership, we ask that they also display our logo, or the ‘Visit North Wessex Downs’ logo and encourage them to hyperlink to our website.


NWD LogoThe North Wessex Downs logo provides instant recognition that your business is located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. That in itself may encourage more visitors who were previously unaware of the status of the local area. If you only have a limited amount of space available on your website or brochure, the logo is the most obvious first choice to use. 

We encourage you to 'hyperlink' the logo to take visitors to either the or sites.

The Logo is provided here in JPEG format, which is the most common to use. Other versions are available on request (PDF, PNG EPS, TIFF). 

Right click on the logo you want and select 'Save Link As' to download. You can then resize and add to your document or website.

Other logos;

Visit NWDJPEG    Lanscapes for Life JPEG    Our landJPEG


Many people who visit the area are not aware that they are in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or how extensive the area is. Providing a map with points of interest is a very simple way to encourage visitors to stay longer and visit more attractions. The more business web sites and brochures that promote the area, the more business there will be for everybody. We are offering a choice of maps for you to use. 

Click on the map icon below to view. To download the full size versions, right click on JPEG or PDF and select 'Save Link As'.

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You can download the text for each section as a Microsoft Word document below;

About the North Wessex Downs

Landscape and Nature

Outdoor Activities

Heritage and Culture

Towns and Villages

Food and Farming

Art and Literature

Visitor Charter / (PDF Version)


Web Links

Linking to other relevant websites is a good way to promote the area to visitors by giving them multiple reasons to come, plus information on how to get there. Within the sections you will find some useful web links related to the content. These addresses can be added as links to your website or included on your printed material.

You can also link to our Facebook, Twitter and events pages


Future Activities

This Toolkit is designed to give businesses the images and text resources they need to promote their businesses within the context of the North Wessex Downs. We value your feedback concerning additional items you would like to see added to the Toolkit. It is our intention to update the Toolkit in the future as new resources become available or to reflect changes in promotional technology. If you wish to get in touch or would like to share ideas call: 01488 685440 or email: