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In 2013, we held a series of product development workshops for tourism businesses. The events aimed to provide:

Click on the links below to download available presentations:

Workshop 1 - Telling the Stories of the Landscape
Tuesday 12 February, Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre

Introduction - Oliver Cripps

Telling Stories of the Landscape - Alison Caffyn

Chalk Links Project - Bill Horsfield

Sharing what's Special - Alison Caffyn

Landscape Case Studies - Alison Caffyn

Workshop 2 - Activity Tourism Markets
Tuesday 26 February, Chiseldon House

Introduction - Oliver Cripps and Sarah Loftus

Walking Holidays - Sue Melvin

Cycling Markets - Michelle Wratten

Riding Markets - Janice Bridger

Facilities for Activity Markets - Alison Cross

Workshop 3 - Keeping it Fresh and Local
Tuesday 12 March, The Bear Hotel

Introduction - Nick Stewart

Our Land - Sarah Loftus

Plugging the Leaks - Liz Cox

Hampshire Fare - Tracy Nash

Food Conversations - Penny Locke and Tony Drewer-Trump

Workshop 4 - Future Proofing your Business
Tuesday 26 March, Earth Trust

CoaST Network - Manda Brookman

Communications Masterclass - Manda Brookman

The Earth Trust Conservation Farming - Jayne Manley


Discussion points raised during the workshops and feedback from participants can also be downloaded.