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May 10, 2018

Wayfaring at Basildon Park

Call for Volunteers: 15 to 21 July

Wayfaring, which comes to Basildon Park in July, is an outdoor event combining installation with live performance and music. Artists and performers from And Now: will work with, not against, the environment; creating structures made from wood and other materials that are available from the landscape. Come and look and listen as you walk through this shared space and perhaps even play an active part as you contribute to the ever evolving installation.

Click here to link to the Corn Exchange website for more information about the event on 21 July

In order to make the installation and the experience for the audience, And Now: need your help! We are looking for volunteers who are enthusiastic about the landscape and would like to be part of the behind the scenes of this immersive installation.

There are a variety of roles to be fulfilled; you may be interested in stewarding or fire watching at the Resolution event on the evening of 21 July.  You might like to help with setting up the installation on 14 and 15 July. Or you may know a lot about the surrounding landscape and like to help with some walking tours on 20 July.


Click here to link to the Corn Exchange website for details of volunteering opportunities

There are lots of areas to get involved in, so do get in contact and we can send you more information; email us at to get involved.


Wayfaring at basildon park

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