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Art in the Landscape of the Ice Age Mind: A talk by Professor Clive Gamble

From: 18:30pm to 20:00pm, Mar 20, 2017  

Ice age art appears to appear with a bang. Suddenly there were images of people and animals carved in ivory, etched into rock, shaped from clay, fashioned in stone and spray-painted onto cave walls. But this creative explosion beginning forty thousand years ago has deep roots. In this lecture Professor Gamble will explore two pathways into the deep history of how and why we became an artistic animal. The first is through the structure of the brain and the creation of a distinctive human mind; something that long predates the arrival of humans. And secondly exploring, as Brian Graham has done so powerfully in his paintings, the importance of place and landscape in the lives of our earliest ancestors. Come expecting to see wonderful objects and you will not be disappointed. You will leave, we hope, appreciating your artistic brains in a new light.  

A fundraising event: cost £8 Members, £10 Non-Members  No booking required

For more information see the Salisbury Museum website

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